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Fraport Brasil finishes the expansion works at Fortaleza Airport

Fraport Brasil is happy to report that the company finished the expansion of Fortaleza Airport’s runway, as well as the construction of the new taxiway P, RESA 13 (safety area), and substations 13 and 31, last July 30.

All airport infrastructure interventions (Phase 1B and Phase Runway) have been completed and Fraport Brasil believes that the competent authorities will finish the installation of air navigation assistance equipment as soon as possible so that the runway, which was expanded by 210 meters, totaling 2,755 meters in length, can be used.

“We are very proud to deliver the facilities ahead of schedule and with excellent quality. We thank our highly qualified team, the Passarelli-Método construction consortium, and all government entities and authorities who gave us full support to rise to this challenge,” says Andreea Pal, CEO of Fraport Brasil.

“Working at this airport allowed Passarelli to put our purpose, values, and skills to action, and it challenged us to apply complex engineering techniques, focusing on time, quality and safety. We managed to transform and modernize the airport to meet international quality and service standards, and deliver a project that is on a par with the natural beauty of Ceará,” says Romilson Souza, operations superintendent at Passarelli, the leading company in the consortium in charge of the works at the airport.

“Delivering the airside works, including the runway expansion, is a source of great pride for us. This was a state-of-the-art construction work, with world-class technical requirements, executed while the airport was fully operating. More than a piece of engineering, it is a legacy that is added to the country’s infrastructure”, said Gustavo Aguiar, director of Método’s Civil Unit.

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