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Lost and found

Business hours 

Level 1, next to domestic arrivals area
E-mail: achadoseperdidosfor@fraport-brasil.com


Objects found at Fortaleza Airport are registered by the Fraport Brasil team and stored for a period of 60 days from the day of registration.

Unclaimed objects are donated to the charity registered in the airport’s Lost and Found sector, or destroyed after 60 days. Documents such as taxpayer registration and personal IDs, bank cards, checks, health insurance cards, telephone cards, social security cards, metro cards, meal vouchers, keys, among others, are destroyed after 60 days. Electronic items such as cell phones, flash drives, tablets and laptops are destroyed in compliance with applicable environmental protection standards and procedures.

Please send an email to achadoseperdidosfor@fraport-brasil.com to describe the item in detail, including size, color and specific characteristics, and don't forget to mention the date, time and place in the airport where you lost it.

You must collect your property in person. In case someone else is collecting your item for you, please click here to get the authorization form and then send it to achadoseperdidosfor@fraport-brasil.com with the personal information of the third party who is collecting the item.
If you are collecting an item and flying on the same day, please make sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight to complete the process.
Upon collection, the person collecting the object will be asked to sign the object collection form, which will be considered a consent form under the Brazilian General Data Protection Law for all legal purposes (Law 13709/2018).

Fraport Brasil does not dispatch found items. If you are using a courier service to collect the item, please follow the third-party collection process.

Non-perishable sealed foods with an expiration date above than 60 days can be stored.
Perishable items that require refrigeration, with open packaging, without labels or with an expiration date bellow than 60 days (from the date found) can’t be stored.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, objects such as neck pillows, blankets, pacifiers and pillows are not registered. These items are kept for the day they were found and then disposed of.

Objects left onboard aircraft or lost checked baggage must be reported directly to the airline. To claim an object that was lost or forgotten onboard an aircraft, or for information about lost luggage, please contact the airline for further instructions. 


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